SW EtoE Esacpe from Mos Shutta

Encounter 5 & Exploration

They noticed an Imperial Shuttle landing while they released the docking clamps so they decided to check it out. In the streets of Mos Shuutta they encounter some of the Elite Stormtroopers who surround them. After a battle ensues they are able to defeat the storm troopers and proceed to a warehouse, only to find dozens of troopers surrounding the area. They next decide to explore the map and leave that alone. They explore offworld traders to find nothing of use and expensive clothing. Shanty town proved to be dangerous as the bridges were not so sturdy, Oskara found herself falling down through one of the bridges. Slagworks was interesting they managed to sneak in past the guards to find some additional supplies and a workers severed head in a cabinet. They also climbed to the top of the water tower and examined the rest of the town. After deciding there was nothing of interest left they decided to head to the ship to leave this place.


JeremyButcher JeremyButcher

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